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Handmade Marking Gauge

It is easy to save money in the workshop by making your own tools.  This is especially true when the tools are simple in design.  This simple marking gauge is worth checking out.
frugal handmade marking gauge

I think that upgrading the needle to a nail filed to a cutter blade shape then heat treated might be a good idea, but maybe this needle works well enough as it is.

Here is another example of a shopmade marking gauge


Bow Saw Hardware Tip

Frame saws are usually pretty inexpensive to build.  The hardware is typically the most expensive.  I’ve seen people use eye-bolts with a slot cut down the middle to hold and  position the blade, but this very clever use by Sean Hellman makes that even easier.  He uses a large cotter pin to hold the blade and allow the blade to be turned when tension is released.

Split pin frame saw blade holder

Sean Hellman’s Frame Saw with split pins


Wooden Plane Challenge

The use of purcahse of old existing tools can save a lot of money, unless they are known collectors items.   Many people shy away from the old wooden hand planes and so they can often be found inexpensively.   If they are in useable shape (no giant cracks or breaks) they can be put back into service and be as effective as their modern iron counterparts.

Here is a great blog post  tracking the refurbishing and using some old wooden planes

Taking The Wooden Plane Challenge