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Reconditioned Tools

I buy a lot of my power tools as reconditioned.  My experience has been positive.  In the case of reconditioned tools you are dealing with a tool that has been looked at and evaluated by a human at the company, which is more than can be said for the new tools which are packed by a robot.  The reconditioned tools usually carry the same warranty as the new tools so they are a safe investment of your woodworking dollars.

Amazon has great prices on reconditioned tools and in many cases they qualify for free shipping.  Bosch, Milwaukee, Ryobi and many others sell their reconditioned, CPO tools directly on Amazon.  Take a look at Amazon’s Reconditioned Tools.  You can save a lot of money and get some great performing tools.


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One Response to “Reconditioned Tools”

  1. JIm Z says:

    I agree with your thinking on the re-use thing. 90% of my big ticket items I buy used and have had great luck and substantial savings! I just picked up a fuji Q4 pro hvlp sprayer on craigs list for 250 bucks this thing is a 600 dollar sprayer and it works great. Everybody wins!