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Hardwax Shootout Winner – Odie’s Oil

I’ve been seeing a lot of maker sites featuring both Osmo Polyx and Rubio Monocoat finishes (hardwax oils).  They seem to go nicely with the live edge tables that are so popular today.  I imagine these companies are doing a good job reaching out to the makers because it seems like an effective effort.  I’ve also seen some examples of Odie’s Oil and and it looks like a similar product only with less marketing flair.  I was on the fence and was leaning toward Rubio, only because it seemed like more makers were featuring it.   Then I ran across this series of 4 videos by Blacktail Studio that test out hardwax finishes each of 4 different ways.

  1. appearance
  2. water damage
  3. coffee damage
  4. dye

Odie’s oil came out as the clear winner among the tests.  How does this relate to frugal woodworking?  These products are similarly priced, but spending money on the best one is where the smart money is.



14 hrs Standing Water

Coffee Stains




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